Lensic Performing Arts Center use my images

Lensic uses my photo of Antonia Apodaca

Who says Flickr doesn’t generate business? The Lensic Performing Arts Center here in Santa Fe got in touch recently to see if they could use a couple of my images to promote their Nuestra Música show this Friday.

Apparently there just aren’t that many good photos of legendary New Mexico musician Antonia Apodaca kicking around and they found mine on Flickr. One lesson from this is to make sure your images are tagged usefully, as you never know who’s looking.

Another lesson is that you should always carry your camera with you – I got the shots at a lunchtime concert on the Santa Fe Plaza while I was having a picnic with my wife and daughter. I took them with my (since retired) Rebel XT, and my (long-since sold) cheapo EF 28-105mm USM lens.

Here’s the postcard, but it was also on the print ad, and it’s on the front of the program, too. Looks like a good show.

Photoshelter showcase my Photography site

Photoshelter – the online photo archiving, display and selling site have chosen my Clearing the Vision photography site as one of their examples of customization.

It’s in the Marketing/Promo category on their examples page.

I adapted one of their templates and integrated it with WordPress to make it easy to update the photo and text sides of the site, while giving it all a consistent look and feel (more details on how I did it in my blog post on Clearing the Vision).

Photoshelter has 40,000 photographers using the service, and they chose around 25 sites as examples, so it’s quite an honour.

I’m currently working on sites for three other photographers which will follow this approach (with different look and feels that match the individual photographers, of course).

Built for work, not just show

It’s a combination that works well, creating a site that’s easy to update, attractive, and crucially built for work not just for show. The stock licensing and photo printing features that Photoshelter offer mean your site can actually generate income for you, as well as acting as a promotional tool.

So thanks to Photoshelter for the kudos, and if you’re a photographer interested in how this might work for you, get in touch.

Apple Certified Pro in Aperture

Last week I went to all4DVD in Orange County south of LA for a 2-day training course in Apple’s Aperture. And when the training was over I took the certification test, and passed. So I’m delighted to say I’m now an Apple Certified Pro Level 1 in Aperture.

The course, taught by Aperture Master Trainer Victor Maldonaldo, was pretty intense – it’s been a long time since I spent 2 days solid doing one thing in front of a computer, let alone trying to absorb all the information and instructions coming at me medicamentos similares a la viagra.

I did the training and certification for two reasons. Firstly, to improve my own skills in the application I use all the time for managing and adjusting my own photographs. There are so many valuable tools and tricks in Aperture, that I almost never go back out to Photoshop to work with my images. Even though I’d been using the application for over a year, the training filled out my knowledge and gave me more comfort in all the features.

The second reason is that I’m now able to help other photographers (professional or serious amateurs) with Aperture. Setting up a good workflow, or just learning how to get the most out of the adjustment options can take a long time, and I’d be delighted to offer some advice and guidance.

So if you’re in Santa Fe or Northern New Mexico, give me a shout.

Published in Santa Fe Reporter

The Santa Fe Reporter publishes a large glossy Annual Manual around this time of year – giving locals and visitors lots of useful information and insight into Santa Fe.

And this year, they used 2 of my photos in the publication.

They (very cleverly) organized a photo contest asking for shots of real life in Santa Fe, and chose the best ones to illustrate the Manual.

The runners up (like me) get exposure, and the one top winner gets that and a nice prize, too.

And the Reporter get lots of good shots for their publication.

All in a rowMy shot, ‘All in a Row’, was used to illustrate a piece on Santa Fe architecture.

‘Don Diego and his posse’ (above) accompanied a piece on the Fiestas we celebrate here in the Fall.

Result all round, I’d say.

And a tip of the hat to Marci, for persuading me to enter donde comprar viagra en barcelona.

Published in JPG Magazine Print edition

An article of mine is featured in the latest print edition of the photography magazine, JPG, that’s just arrived in my mailbox.

The article – called ‘Prime Suspect’ – is a hymn of praise to the cheap and cheerful Canon 50mm f/1.8 II lens. They included three of my photographs to accompany the article.

JPG is a high quality print magazine available throughout the US, that has over 100,000 members contributing articles and photographs to its website. Members vote on the things they like, but an editorial panel makes the final print version.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

So I’m well chuffed to have made it in. Especially as this combination of photography, journalism and the Web is an area I’m going to explore in more depth in my own big project in the New Year. More on that later, but for now, feel free to rush out and buy a copy of the mag.

Teaching User Experience at Highlands University

As the new academic year begins, I’m happy to say I’m now an Adjunct Instructor in the Media Arts department at New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas.

I’ll be teaching a course on Designing for User Experience to upper-level undergraduates and to postgrads, covering the basics of user experience, usability and user-centered design.

It’s a nice to be back teaching (in Dublin, I devised a delivered a series of one-day training workshops as part of the iQ Content Boot Camp series), and the students are a good group.

I’ll be posting PDF versions of my presentations when I get the chance, for those who are interested, and while they might not mean much without my explanations, you’re all more than welcome to follow along.

Memorial Day Update

A quick note on what’s been happening at MC Towers recently – I’ve been a little lax with the news, because there’s been so much of it.

Santa Fe Prep site launched

This was actually a while ago, but we’re still filling out the range of content, so it’s never clear exactly when the site’s due for an announcement. As well as the planning, design and construction of the new site for Santa Fe’s premier independent school, we designed and set up a new email newsletter system for them, to keep all the parents, students, alums and other interested parties informed. You can visit the site now, and I’ll post more detailed case study in a while, as it was a complex but rewarding project.

Breakthrough Santa Fe

In another project for Santa Fe Prep, we built a sister site for their great tuition-free program in which talented high school and college students teach middle school students with limited educational opportunities the academic, organizational and social skills they will need to succeed in competitive high schools.

Latest Articles

In my ongoing writing gig for Dublin-based web consultants iQ Content, I’ve recently looked at Irish political websites, and how your website reflects your corporate culture (whether you like it or not). Worth a quick look, and while you’re there, check out the always-illuminating group blog they run.

What’s in the pipeline?

It’s busy busy over here, as we do work for architects Ellis Browning and Richard Martinez, and law firm Simons and Slattery. The New Mexico Community Foundation are getting an update on a site they maintain, and right now I’m also doing some rush work for the International Folk Art Market. After that I’ll likely be working with a renowned photographer on his site, which I’m really looking forward to.

And in the fall, I’ll be heading back to the world of academe to teach a semester-long class on user-centered design approaches in the Media Arts department at NM Highlands University. More news (and possibly presentation material and the like) nearer the time.

Any time for sleeping?

Not much, but I did get to drop into the NM Adobe Users Group‘s inaugural Santa Fe meeting – cheers to Damien for organizing that. And I’ve been taking a lot of photos – one of which illustrates this post. You can see some of the better ones on my Flickr stream.