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Wanted: Dogs in the Office

Santa Fe is a town that loves its dogs. Half the cars you pass have canine passengers, and the love for the Humane Society and the dog park (not to mention the unofficial dog club that meets in Patrick Smith Park for illicit off-leash adventures) underline how important our pooches are to us Smurfs: The Lost Village film online now

And to me, nothing says this more than the number of us who bring our dogs to work. I’m going to start on a photography project documenting dogs and their owners in the workplace. I’ll shoot some photographs, and then interview the owners about what its like having their pets around.

Corrie (our own dog pictured above) is right:  We’re looking to photograph all sorts of dogs and all sorts of workplaces in Santa Fe – law offices, schools, stores, architecture firms, artists’ studios, non-profits, auto repair shops . . . you name it.

Why Dogs in the Office?

Workplaces are both public and private – in theory we’re supposed to leave our personalities at the door, but since we spend so much of our waking lives in them, our private lives tend to creep in round the edges.

And nothing shows this more than bringing our dogs with us to work – here’s a part of the family hanging out with us in a professional environment. I’ll look at how the relationship between the owner and dog changes in the office, and also how the office is changed by the presence of a dog. And it’s such a Santa Fe thing, I think the rest of the world would be interested in this too.

What happens to the Photos and Interviews?

I see the project as having several components – one is the still images, which I’d like to put together into a show. Another component is the audio interviews which would be used to build a video piece in conjunction with the stills. Finally there’ll be a book made out of this, with the stills and some written text based on the interviews.

If you feature in the project, you’ll get a limited edition print of yourself and/or your dog.

Want to get involved?

Drop me an email or leave a comment here, and I’ll be in touch. Corrie and I thank you.

Editorial Portrait Assignment for PracticeLink Magazine

National medical magazine PracticeLink has just published a photo assignment I shot for them in February.

The job was to shoot an editorial portrait of Dr James Melisi, a surgeon who had recently moved to Santa Fe from the Washington DC area.

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