Good stories, well told

Your website and social media channels won't work if they're full of stale content, bland stock photography or old-school marketing clich├ęs.

Content marketing based around stories helps you connect authentically with your audience, who want to know who you really are, and what you're about.

If you want to reach and more importantly move your online visitors, then you should be offering well-planned and well-produced content across a number of media. Good stories, well told.

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Meet David Moore

I'm David Moore and this is my show. I'm an internet veteran, published author and photographer, and award-winning journalist. I've planned and created professional content across a range of media for a range of clients.

If you need help with a content strategy, creating good material, or documenting what you do in way that grabs people - I can help.

My company is at the midpoint between photography, video, journalism and the Internet. It's a great place to be.

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Our Services

I create compelling documentary-style content for publications, non-profits and progressive companies. And this content is based on a clear content marketing plan to meet your objectives.

Photography, articles, video pieces and websites that get to the heart of what you do, and why - making an emotional connection with people in a way that only thoughtful, high-quality work can.

My clients include The Irish Times, The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, New Mexico Magazine, and the New Mexico Community Foundation.

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